Johnny Depp – Camille Vasquez’s quick reaction that saved the life of an old man

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, saved the life of an elderly passenger on the plane where he was traveling

So far not much is known about the man’s condition, but at 40,000 feet high, every second is worth and Camille seems to have understood that from moment one, probably giving the passenger a few more years of life.

The trial of Johnny Depp not only served as a springboard for the actor to get back on top of the show and rethink his career, but his lawyer Camille Vasquez became a character for netizens, fans around the world now follow step by step his career after being trapped by his charm.

Vasquez, who demonstrated her enormous talent in the legal profession with the big victory at trial, seems to be quite comfortable with her sudden celebrity status, which has been increasing more and more, especially after a heroic action that caused her to begin to be given the nickname “wonder woman”.