A bus crashed in Prague, 12 children were injured

A bus crashed in Prague, 12 children were injured. A special Fenix car strikes

Police spokeswoman Martina Špryslová told CTK that they received a report of a collision between a bus and a passenger vehicle in K Horkám Street before 08:30, and all components of the integrated rescue system arrived at the scene.

There were 15 injured at the scene. K Horkám Street was closed on both sides, police were directing and diverting traffic and are investigating the causes and circumstances of the accident, the spokeswoman added.

“There was a traffic accident involving a bus and a passenger car in K Horkám Street.

We sent three crews, a doctor, an inspector and a special Fenix car. There are about 15 injured people at the scene, all conscious, mostly minor injuries,” the Prague Ambulance Service tweeted.

She later clarified that she had treated 15 people, including 12 children and three adults. “Fortunately, these were only minor injuries, most often head injuries and bruises,” the rescuers added.

Due to the accident, buses 177, 181, 182 were diverted, the transport company said on its website, the restriction is expected to last until about 11 a.m.

“The columns reach as far as Litochlebské Square. Lines 170, 154 and 197 are also affected,” the Prague Integrated Transport profile tweeted.