WHO: Genetic mutations of monkey smallpox virus

WHO: Genetic mutations of monkey smallpox virus may exacerbate transmission

Rename variants to Clade I and Clade II

Two distinct variants have been observed in Africa – where monkeypox is an endemic plague, the Congo basin (Central Africa) and parts of West Africa.

The variant is named after the African regions where it predominates.

WHO renamed the variants Clade I and Clade II respectively.

They also say that the Clade II variant has two subgenres, the IIa and the IIb.

Who claims that genetic mutations in monkey smallpox virus may be responsible for the world’s rising cases…

Monkeypox cases continue to rise around the world and last week the number of cases increased by 20%.

According to CDC data, the total number of cases exceeded 35,000 last week and almost reached 40,000 this week in 94 countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the monkey smallpox virus is mutating rapidly and this has been increasing the rate of infection and transmission.

Studies are currently underway regarding mutant viruses to prove the fact that genetic changes in the virus are causing this massive spread.

The U.N. Health Agency had earlier issued a warning to infected people not to be near animals as soon as the first case of human-to-dog smallpox was confirmed.