When dengue fever requires immediate hospitalization

Two times dengue fever requires immediate hospitalization

Dengue fever does not yet have a vaccine to prevent the disease and specific treatment drugs.

The South is in the rainy season, the dengue epidemic breaks out on a large scale, leading to overloaded in some end-line hospitals.

Experts recommends that people actively kill mosquitoes and locusts, remove water containers that can become a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs, sleep in the blind even during the day, apply mosquito repellent cream to avoid mosquito bites.

Thereby, reducing the risk of seriously ill children being hospitalized as well as the pressure to treat health workers.

Children suddenly have a fever of 38-40 degrees Celsius or stop fever but lie lethargic, stop eating and stop feeding, cold limbs … must be hospitalized immediately.

Experts said dengue in children has two important timelines, parents should note.

The first is when the child suddenly shows signs of continuous high fever, from 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, taking antipyretics is reduced but then the fever returns.

In the first two days the child may be accompanied by a number of other symptoms, such as headache, anorexia, fatigue, flu-like muscle aches, viral fever or hand, foot and mouth…

At this time, parents need to think about dengue fever, take the child to the doctor to be diagnosed with the disease and have a timely treatment direction.

Secondly, with children on outpatient treatment, on the 3rd-6th day of illness, if the child has no fever but has one of the signs of exacerbation.