Warning of severe thunderstorms in central-eastern France

Warning for severe thunderstorms and hail in central-eastern France

Thunderstorms “can be violent, accompanied by hail and strong gusts of wind, but especially by very high intensities of precipitation,” warns Météo France.

Thunderstorm activity will gradually subside from the east in the evening.

Between 27 and 31 degrees

More generally, gray and often rainy weather will extend from the southwest to the Belgian border and only the Mediterranean border will remain away from the disturbed weather on Thursday, says Météo France.

In the afternoon, thermometers will climb between 27 and 31 degrees from eastern Lorraine and Alsace to eastern Rhône-Alpes before stormy triggers. It will also be 26 to 31 degrees near the Mediterranean, locally 32/33 in the Var.

Everywhere else, temperatures will drop sharply and will no longer exceed 17 to 22 degrees.

Weather France on Thursday placed ten departments, half of which are bordering Switzerland, on orange alert. The rainfall expected in the afternoon is expected to be abundant.

Weather France on Thursday placed ten departments in the center-east in orange vigilance “thunderstorms”, predicting in the afternoon hail, strong gusts of wind and significant rainfall.

The departments concerned by the orange vigilance from 2 p.m. are Ain, Doubs, Isère, Jura, Loire, Haute-Loire, Haut-Rhin, Rhône, Saône-et-Loire and Territoire de Belfort.