War in Ukraine/ Russia sends missiles to shopping center

War in Ukraine/ Russia sends missiles to military-occupied shopping center

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the Russian strike, which he said showed Vladimir Putin’s “cruelty and barbarity” and only “strengthened the determination” of the West to support Kiev.

“This appalling attack has once again shown the depths of cruelty and barbarity that the Russian leader is prepared to fall,” the British prime minister said in a statement.

Russia bombed a Ukrainian shopping mall in a city on Monday, June 27, 2022.

If the Ukrainians put forward a commercial center mainly occupied by civilians, 1000 according to Zelensky, at the time of the bombing, the Russians claim to have targeted a military objective that constituted this grip.

Russia continues its operation to demilitarize Ukraine and strikes deep when necessary. It is with this in mind that the Russian army targeted a shopping mall located in the city of Kremenchuk.

At least ten people were killed and more than 40 others injured, the regional governor said, regarding the toll of the attack.

« Ten dead and more than 40 people were injured. This is currently the situation in Kremenchuk because of the missile strike,” said Dmytro Linin, head of the Poltava region, in a final assessment made in the evening.

The latter specifies that there could be other deaths among the people evacuated in hospitals.

For their part, the Russians indicate that this place served as a refuge and logistical base for the Ukrainian army.

This is the second time Moscow has spotted and bombed a shopping mall.