Experts said vitamin D has the main role of absorbing and maintaining calcium phosphorus levels to build bone structure to help fight rickets, increase height in children and fight osteoporosis in the elderly.

Vitamin D is 1 of 13 vitamins not available in food.

They are only synthesized through sunlight exposure but also depend on conditions such as: enough exposure time, appropriate light intensity, skin color, air quality status …

And vitamin D is also 1 of 4 fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) so there is a “mechanism” to store in the body without being excreted.

Therefore, if you take vitamin D in excess, or take it from many different sources, it can easily lead to poisoning.

“There are many factors that are not favorable to synthesizing vitamin D naturally, so they are often recommended to be supplemented with drugs for children to adults and the elderly.

Currently, the rate of children in the community lacking vitamin D is still high”, experts shared.

Experts recommends that parents only use the dosage of vitamin D for their children to drink according to their needs, with clear origin, best to be consulted by a doctor.

Avoid overuse of vitamin D or taking from a variety of sources.

“If a child takes vitamin D from one source and is prescribed by a doctor, there can be no excess dose.

The most likely case of poisoning is to drink many sources that also have vitamin D but do not know such as calcium, multivitamins, formula …”,

Experts said and said the daily dose of vitamin D in infants is 400 international units, while children over 1 year old are 600 international units.