In addition, the disease can also put women at high risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea.

Recently, scientists at the University of Illinois (Chicago, USA) said that bacteria in the penis may be the cause of women with vaginitis.

The study involved 168 couples in Kenya.

In this group, about 56% of men performed circumcision minor surgery, with no female cases of vaginitis.

After a year-long study, scientists found that 31 percent of women were involved in developing vaginitis.

The results of the analysis showed that gender is a determinant of a woman’s risk of infection.

There are 10 types of bacteria in the penis that can increase the risk of vaginitis in women.

Bacterial vaginosis can be prevented by the following measures:

Avoid douching:

Too deep vaginal douching can upset the balance of harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria; This increases the risk of developing the disease.

You should avoid soap and use cotton panties or breathable fabrics.

Use a condom:

People who are suffering from this disease should abstain from sex or use protective measures such as using condoms.