Ukraine does not know if the Belarusian Army is mobilizing

Ukraine does not know if the Belarusian Army is mobilizing but warns of a “recruitment campaign”

Less than a week ago, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared that all regions of the Eastern European country should be prepared for a possible imminent mobilization.

The authorities of Ukraine have acknowledged on Wednesday that they do not have information on whether the Armed Forces of Belarus are mobilizing to attack, although they have warned that in recent days a “recruitment campaign” has been promoted.

According to the spokesman of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Oleksander Motuzianik, Kiev “has no information”, but has pointed out that Belarus has launched a recruitment campaign that plans to increase by “more than 20,000” soldiers its operation in the south of the country.

Motuzianik recalled that Russia has military personnel deployed in Belarusian territory, where short-range tactical missile equipment model ‘Iskander’ has also been installed, which represents a constant threat to Kiev, according to the Ukrinform news agency.

At this point he has warned that at least seven battalions of the Armed Forces of Belarus have been deployed in the provinces of Brest and Gomel to carry out, among other matters, reconnaissance along the border line with Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Defense spokesman has reported that Ukrainian Intelligence is following the track of a possible transfer of a new batch of air defense missiles from Russia to Belarus.