Ukraine accuses Russia of firing missiles from Zaporizhia nuclear plant

Ukraine accuses Russia of firing missiles from Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

In a speech to the Ukrainians, Zelensky said they had managed to regain some of the territory lost to Russia since the start of the war, and that they will continue to regain occupied areas.

“We will resist. Win. And we will rebuild our lives,” he said. Currently, the bulk of the fighting is focused on the south and the Donbas mining and industrial basin in the east.

Separatist forces from the east claimed they were still advancing and were taking complete control of the city of Siversk, attacked after the takeover of Lysyschansk further east earlier this month.

According to the British Ministry of Defence, “Russian forces are slowly advancing westwards, following bombardments and assaults in the direction of Siversk from Lysychansk, to open a road to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.”

And Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the soldiers involved in the offensive, the ministry announced Saturday, without specifying the date of the displacement, the second since the conflict began. It was also not specified whether the visit took place in Ukraine or Russia.

Shoigu “gave the necessary instructions to increase” the measures that prevent “Kiev from launching massive bombings […] against civil infrastructure and residential buildings in Donbas and other regions,” the ministry said.