New methods in the treatment of diabetic kidney disease

For many years, the main methods in the treatment of diabetes mellitus have been blood glucose control, blood pressure and RAAS inhibitors.

However, according to the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the European Diabetes Research Association (EASD) and the Ministry of Health of Asia in 2020.

It is thanks to the outstanding advantages over placebo that SGLT2 is preferred for use in the treatment of diabetes mellitus in patients who have complications on the kidneys or cardiovascular disease.

SGLT2 is recognized by the world as a new generation of drugs, bringing outstanding effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and complications on the kidneys.

Elite physician – said, diabetes mellitus It is a multi-mechanism pathology.

In the complications of diabetes mellitus, complications on the kidneys and cardiovascular disease are the main causes of death in patients.

Kidney complications caused by diabetes mellitus are lesions of the dialysis system, causing kidney failure due to prolonged high blood sugar.

Complications on the kidneys and cardiovascular vessels are closely related to each other.

When diabetes mellitus leads to kidney complications, it doubles the incidence of heart failure and vice versa.

According to studies from 2018, when using drugs belonging to the group of inhibition of the SGLT2 sodium-glucose co-transport channel, problems such as cardiovascular events appearing early, cardiovascular hospitalization rates, hospitalizations due to heart failure and kidney events in patients with diabetes mellitus all decreased.

In particular, kidney events decreased by 47% and hospitalization due to heart failure decreased by 27%.