Exercise has a mutual relationship with foundational health as well as physiological abilities in men.

However, each person should choose the right sport for their health and should exercise properly.

Overtraining can cause the opposite effect, reducing testosterone levels and sexual desire.

Some sports that enhance physiological abilities for men include swimming, weight training, brisk walking, Kegel, yoga …

Men should spend 30-60 minutes a day, maintaining 5-6 times a week to achieve the best effect.

Testosterone is associated with feelings of euphoria and can increase with any sport such as athletics, rhythm, walking or swimming.

According to experts, the sexual desire of men is dominated by many factors such as physical, psychophysiological, emotional.

Therefore, besides practicing sports, men need to combine with many other factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, and especially need to take measures to help the body increase endogenous testosterone and nitric oxide.

Endogenous testosterone and nitric oxide are two key factors in men’s sex lives.

Testosterone is the sex hormone that creates sexual desire, directs the erection process, and determines the quantity and quality of sperm in men.

Nitric oxide will dilate the arteries, ensuring blood circulates to the penis easily, safely and quickly, helping the penis to erect faster, stronger and longer.