These are the predictions that Bill Gates has made so far in 2022

Which have been fulfilled and which have not? These are the predictions that Bill Gates has made so far in 2022

Of all the predictions made by Bill, only a few have been fulfilled. The one that has come closest, of those named lately, has been the one related to the pandemic, since the deaths and infected are increasingly being reduced in all countries.

However, even the crystal ball continues with failures, since otherwise they are still only possibilities and speculations, which according to the context of each nation can even be separated from reality.

At the end of 2020, Bill Gates wrote an article to reflect on 2021 and the events that happened worldwide in the context of the pandemic caused by covid-19.

Through this, the entrepreneur also decided to make several predictions about what could happen throughout 2022 as well.

Other aspects that he put as a debate was also the direction that technology companies were taking in the next five years.

But before starting with this list, it should be noted that the international media have pointed out that the tycoon has an uneven history of predictions. In 1987, Gates had made his first speculation where he was exactly right that the twenty-first century would be full of flat screens.

Although he also pointed out that we were going to get rid of credit cards in 2007, an issue that has not happened; people continue to pay for their purchases with a piece of plastic.

What has Gates seen in his crystal ball?

From his website and blog we have extracted some of the predictions of this famous character and put on the table or in question which of them were really fulfilled or if it is a smoke seller.