The witness told the moment the gunman shot at the U.S parade

The witness told the moment the gunman shot at the United States parade

Diego Rosas, who works at a grocery store near the parade route, heard about 30 gunshots and several people ran into the store.

Another witness, Lisa Schulkin, was in the parking lot with several friends when the shooting took place.

“The streets were full, the children were crying,” Schulkin said, adding that she hid next to a car. Schulkin’s husband drove close enough that she could get up there safely.

Miles Zaremski, 73, about a block from the shooting site, also said he initially thought the gunshots were fireworks or fireworks. “I saw a terrible scene. I saw a woman who was covered in blood. Many people were injured or killed,” Zaremski said.

The Cotreau family was shocked. “I never imagined this, when I looked up and saw a man shooting at me in the United States and during the National Day parade,” Cotreau said.

Zaremski, who has lived in Highland Park for decades, has never seen violence like this in his life. “All suburbs and suburbs should be alerted. This can happen anywhere,” he said.