The study of jellyfish reveals the mystery of an immortal life

The study of jellyfish in particular reveals the mystery of an immortal life

Researchers at the University in the US have sequenced the genome of a jellyfish, thereby revealing the “secret” that makes them biologically immortal.

As a result, scientists have detected not one but several changes, all of which involve copying and repairing the jellyfish’s genetic code.

Such changes have appeared in genes involved in oxidative stress.

They also make new findings regarding various aspects of cellular aging, such as the length of telomere genetic code segments.

Scientists said: “The synthesis of genetically altered factors has made this animal special, making it likely to rejuvenate.”

When the growth process is reversed, the adult jellyfish will gradually shrink in size and at the same time also change the tissue structure.

The scientists observed that at the genetic level, some jellyfish genes will stop expressing – i.e. make proteins and perform their functions – while others are activated.