The Spanish Government and its partners will approve next week the surcharge to the fossil sector

Frontal opposition of companies

With the National Fund for the Sustainability of the Electric System about to receive the final approval, oil and gas companies have stoked their criticism of the measure in recent weeks.

“It will have a negative impact on households and industrial activity by proposing a cut in the electricity bill at the cost of a surcharge on the gas and other fuels bill, in a context such as the current one of high energy prices,” they point out from Sedigas, the employer of the gas sector, to which they belong, among others, Naturgy, Enagás and Repsol, which are among the main victims.

The measure, according to Sedigas, will especially harm consumers – “who reside in cold and inland Spain and in more depopulated areas [that consume more fossil fuels and less electricity]” – and the secondary sector – which “will face a severe reduction in its international competitiveness due to the impact of this measure on its energy costs”.

Despite the fact that one of the priority objectives of the Fund is to increase the electrification of the economy, making electricity cheaper compared to gas and fuels, the employers see “in danger” the “contribution of the gas sector to the achievement of the decarbonization objectives”.