The record waiting for Nadal at the US Open

The U.S. Open was the Grand Slam that made Nadal wait the longest to win his first title, in 2010.

But, he played well in recent appearances, winning two championships in 2017 and 2019, reaching the semifinals in 2018.

Rafael Nadal will set a new Grand Slam record and become the oldest player to hold the number one position if he wins the US Open this year.

Nadal was the number two seed when he returned to the U.S. Open after a two-year absence due to injury.

If he wins this year, the “King of Clay” will increase the Grand Slam record to 23 titles, equal to women’s tennis players Serena Williams and Steffi Graf, just one championship short of the all-time record of the legendary Margaret Court.

Nadal will then also widen the gap with Novak Djokovic to two Grand Slams.