The reasons why the ‘boy’ cannot get an erection

Lack of rest time – The reasons why the ‘boy’ cannot get an erection

If men have just masturbated, they can hardly continue their relationship with their partner right away, the erection in the “little boy” is also affected more or less.

According to scientists: “Just like when running a marathon, the body will need to relax, rest to be ready to continue conquering the next mile.

The same goes for men having sex, with the average man needing up to 30 minutes to continue, some may need as little as 10 minutes or up to 1-2 hours at most.”

The International Society for Sexual Medicine says that the duration of an erection varies from person to person, but for younger men, it is usually shorter.

This may be related to a sudden increase in the hormone prolactin after a male orgasms.

This hormone causes problems in maintaining an erection or ejaculation.

Excessive alcohol use, anxiety, stress or side effects of medications… are lifestyle causes that prevent men from getting an erection.

Men sometimes have difficulty getting an erection but that doesn’t mean they have erectile dysfunction.