The Isthmus of Corinth canal was closed due to landslide

The Isthmus of Corinth canal was closed again due to another landslide

The precipitation of soils in the canal is not a rare phenomenon due to the existence of many faults in the geological formations of its walls.

Before the new landslide, government spokesman Giannis Economou had announced that the Corinth Canal is reopening from today and for three months in order to serve the summer traffic.

Work on the Isthmus Canal is scheduled to be restarted in early October and completed within ’23.

The Canal of the Isthmus of Corinth remained open for a few hours as at noon on Monday there was reportedly a new landslide, resulting in the prohibition of the passage of ships again.

As the broadcasts, after the slope landslide, a special boat has been sent to the site, which began cleaning works of the canal. According to the same information, several ships are waiting mainly from the Saronic Gulf side in order to carry out the new restoration works.