The IMF disbursed almost 4 billion dollars

The IMF disbursed almost 4 billion dollars that were added to the reserves

In a paragraph of the document on threats to the ongoing program, the IMF continues to warn of exceptional risks, noting that “since the approval of the agreement, global risks have been intensified not only by the war in Ukraine, but also by the resurgence of the pandemic, a rapid tightening of external financial conditions, and a slowdown in the major emerging economies.”

“Meanwhile, the risks of policy implementation remain serious in the context of a very complex economic, social and political environment and constant wage and expenditure pressures,” the multilateral body warned.

The reserves of the Central Bank totaled US $ 3,980 million on Tuesday after the disbursement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), corresponding to the approval of the first revision of the Extended Facilities Agreement signed with the international organization.

“After all the performance criteria were met during the first quarter of this year, US$ 3,980 million were disbursed that have already entered the Central Bank,” official sources confirmed to the Telam agency.