The EU Parliament approves that nuclear and gas as “green”

The European Parliament approves that nuclear and gas are considered “green”

Apart from this position of the European Parliament, the Council of the EU, which represents the Member States and is the other co-legislator in the EU, can still reject the approach of the Community Executive if, before midnight on July 11, 72% of the countries (20 out of 27) are opposed and these represent at least 65% of the population of the European Union (about 290 million people).

The European Parliament accepted on Friday that certain investments in nuclear plants and gas plants to generate electricity are considered sustainable, as proposed by the European Commission (EC).

With 278 votes in favour, 238 against and 33 abstentions, the objection to the future rules of the so-called taxonomy, which aims to guide financial investments in the European Union towards sustainable economic activities, did not succeed.