The end of Queen Elizabeth era- King Charles III era – the future of England.

The end of Queen Elizabeth era – King Charles III and Queen Camilla were welcomed during a visit to Northern Ireland on 9/13.

The end of Queen Elizabeth era with the West faceoff with Russia, China and Europe on complex gas discussions with rumours of world War 111, King Charles III will surely have much on his table with a solid and strong pen to make good decisions for the future of England.

The 73-year-old king is due to travel to Wales this weekend, for a tour of the kingdom ahead of the Queen’s funeral on September 19 in Westminster.

During his ordination and visit to Northern Ireland, Charles was enraged by his own writings.

On September 13, a video of King Charles III’s visit to Northern Ireland was shown in international media, drawing attention to images of the 73-year-old king appearing confused by the droplets of ink oozing from his pen.

King Charles III

At the time, he was sitting in Hillsborough Castle and signed his autograph in a scrapbook with his pen.

The video begins with Charles asking what day it is. “Is it 9/12?”, the new king asked an aide, though there was a calendar in front of him.

When told it was the 13th, Charles said, “Oh my God, I recorded the wrong date!”

Then the king went from confused to annoyed as the pen he was using began to bleed with ink.

The detail is believed to risk spoiling Charles’ mood, just hours after he had just been warmly welcomed by belfast residents.

Passing the pen to his wife, the king said, “I can’t stand this fucking shit!”, as he removed the ink stain on his fingers.

Queen Camilla calmly intervened and said the pen was leaking ink, then asked the staff to replace it.

Meanwhile, King Charles III quickly turned away and left the room with his aides escorting him.

The broken pen was immediately discarded and replaced with another one, before Camilla sat down to sign the book.

The pen leak marks the second time in recent days that the king has expressed disappointment in his belongings.

The first incident occurred on 10/9, when Charles was officially crowned the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.

Those who watched this historic moment on television noticed that the new king suddenly winced at the sight of the pen box on his desk filling the place where his papers were placed.

Charles immediately gestured to one of the assistants to put the box of pens away.