Terrifying and shocking photos in the history of NASA and spacewalks

Although all these are feats of an incomparable nature, today thanks to a Twitter account based on scientific phenomena, we are going to show you the image of one of the most shocking and terrifying photographs that have been made since we traveled to space.

In this photograph we can see the astronaut Bruce McCandless, who without any attachment to his space station decided to launch himself into the void to be the first person to move in it without insurance.

This term is known as “spacewalk”, which today and thanks to propulsion engines is simpler to do. But our brave man dared with it in 1984, when the idea of spacewalking barely existed.


NASA publishes the first 8K resolution video shot in space

As we can see in the embedded tweet McCandless is certainly far from his station, although he carries with him a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) to be able to move in case of emergency.

With it the astronaut floated freely several meters from the shuttle.

NASA said another crew member aboard the Challenger took the photo of the first untied spacewalk with a 70 mm camera.