Switzerland accused of refusing to treat the wounded Ukrainians

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Switzerland admittedly, we could not treat thousands of wounded, but to assume that we refuse them all so as not to upset the opposing party (already angry) is surprising to say the least.

In any case, this decision breaks with Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition, which is so often repeated in Ignazio Cassis’ speeches.

As Henry Dunant put it in his book on Solferino:

“A soldier hors de combat because of his wounds ceases to be an enemy and must henceforth be considered as a human being who needs help”. Whether he is Ukrainian or Russian for that matter.

The FDFA has vetoed the arrival in Switzerland of wounded Ukrainians, civilians or soldiers, for fear of undermining neutrality… After the reception of the refugees, it is a difficult decision to understand.

After the terrible Battle of Solferino, whose battlefield he had walked, Henry Dunant had written a book on this ordeal.

On June 24, 1859, about 30,000 wounded were abandoned on the battlefield after the clash between Piedmontese and French troops under the leadership of Napoleon III on one side and those of the Austrian army on the other.

It was from there that the idea of the Red Cross, whose International Committee has its headquarters in Geneva, was born. And of which Switzerland takes so much pride.