Stuttering a symptom of hyperactivity disorder in a child?

Is stuttering a symptom of hyperactivity disorder in a child?

People with diabetes mellitus should not diet excessively, causing a lack of nutrients, losing strength, seriously affecting the organs in the body.

Excessive dieting also becomes a psychological obstacle, causing the person to feel more pressure.

Patients should choose healthy foods, check blood glucose regularly to control blood sugar levels well, adjust their diet more rationally.

Rambutan has an average glycemic index, the person can eat up to 6 fruits per day and should choose the one that has just ripened to.

Experts said that every day people with diabetes mellitus can eat a serving of fruits containing no more than 15 g of sugar.

Rambutan has a glycemic index (GI) at an average of 59.

If the person eats too much compared to the recommended 6 fruits per day, then the amount of sugar in rambutan can increase blood glucose.

Patients only choose the fruits that have just ripened, limiting darkening because the amount of sugar will be higher.