Spinal cord damage due to inhalation of laughter balls

Risk of nerve, spinal cord damage due to inhalation of laughter balls

N2O gas changes the mental state of the user, so the Ministry of Health prohibits use for entertainment purposes.

Overuse of laughter can lead to severe vitamin B12 deficiency, causing nerve, spinal cord, and red blood cell damage.

Medical experts said that laughter balls containing nitrous monoxide gas (N2O) are nerve suppressors that cause people to inhale feeling lightheaded, euphoric and hallucinatory.

In medicine,N2O is used as an anesthetic for some surgical cases or sedatives to control pain, which is indicated by a doctor.

Medical experts warned that some people, especially young people, have the habit of using laughter balls for recreational purposes, relieving stress for a long time can cause serious consequences for the nervous system.

In particular, the most common condition is multi-root damage and nerves, spinal cord (especially in the posterior column area responsible for balance function).

Patients present with sensory disorders in limbs, gait, loss of ability to regulate movements, weak limbs, unsteady walking, headaches, neck pain, difficulty speaking, psychosis, hallucinations …

Other common lesions are large red blood cell anemia due to a lack of vitamin B12.