Spain bans turning on air conditioning below 27 degrees

Spain bans turning on air conditioning below 27 degrees Celsius

The opposition Conservative People’s Party (PP) opposed the decree, describing much of the measure as “arbitrary”, harmful to the economy.

The PP argues that the measures were developed without the involvement of organisations, businesses or local authorities, who would have to monitor compliance levels.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso, head of madrid’s regional government, has vowed to file a lawsuit with Spain’s Constitutional Court. “Madrid will not turn off the switch,” she declared on Twitter in early August.

The Spanish government introduced gas-saving measures from May 5, as part of its efforts. European Union The EU aims to stop its dependence on gas and oil from Russia, setting a target by 2030.

Gas flows from Russia to Europe decreased significantly due to the impact of sanctions, reciprocating between the two sides. Earlier, Russia met 40% of Europe’s gas needs.

Nord Stream 1, the largest gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, currently operates at only 20% capacity.