Sofia Rågenklint planned her dream wedding – now she is single

Ask the doctor-program host Sofia Rågenklint, 47, planned a lovely wedding with Jonas Nemeth.

Now they have separated and sold their luxury villa in Rydebäck outside Helsingborg.

SVT’s popular “Fråga doktorn” is starting with the autumn season, and Sofia Rågenklint is the host as usual.

But in private life, nothing is as usual for the 47-year-old.

For nine years she was together with the principal and the artist Jonas Nemeth. Together they lived in a luxurious villa in Rydebäck outside Helsingborg with Sofia’s two sons and Jonas’ two daughters from previous relationships.

“Grief when the family breaks up”

Twice the couple planned for a big castle wedding, but the pandemic got in the way and now the love has fallen apart. The couple has separated and this summer the joint home was sold.

  • Of course, it is sad when a family splits up and that it did not turn out as we had hoped. But sometimes life takes completely different paths, says Sofia Rågenklint to Expressen, and says that she and Jonas Nemeth are still good friends.

Was married to Patriks Isaksson

Sofia Rågenklint was previously with the artist Patrik Isaksson and together they had two sons who are now in their teens. The couple separated in 2011.