Reasons why sleep is more disordered in the summer

There are quite a few methods to keep a deep and quality sleep in the summer.

First, scientists suggest sticking to a certain sleep schedule, doing your best to go to bed at a specific time of day.

Keeping the bedroom at the lowest possible light level is also a way to stimulate the brain to produce melatonin, making it easier for sleep to pull in.

Many people experience sleep disorders in the summer due to the phenomenon of long days and nights, the body reduces the production of sleep-stimulating hormones.

According to data from 28,000 Americans within 500,000 nights compiled by Sleep Score Labs, in the summer, bedtimes last much longer.

This can be caused by school breaks, work breaks, gatherings with friends, and the phenomenon of days and nights longer than nights.

During the summer solstice days, the body reduces the production of important hormones that help alertness such as melatonin.