Signs that a child is at risk for stunting by age

The stages of a child’s development come only once in a lifetime. Therefore, parents should not be subjectively ignored.

Nutrition and movement play a big role in helping your baby grow optimally.

Parents should promptly take their children to a nutrition examination, providing good development opportunities, experts said.

Newborn babies are less than 50 cm long, increase in height by less than 25 cm in the first 2 years, early puberty … at risk of stunting, parents note improvements for their children.

Experts took her 4-year-old son to a nutrition clinic.

She said her son was a little stunted compared to his peers.

“What kind of growth rate does a stunted child need to be wary of?

I hope the doctor advises to promptly help her improve the situation,” experts said.

According to experts -, stunting is a warning and noticeable sign of malnutrition in children.