Saving a woman’s life 2 times with severe anaphylaxis

Saving a woman’s life 2 times with severe anaphylaxis during caesarean section

According to experts, if this case is not resuscitated and operated on in time, both mother and child can die.

“A normal caesarean section is already difficult and this woman and severe anaphylaxis is even more difficult and stressful.

Fortunately, the surgery was very successful, both mother and child were safely saved,” experts said.

TTO – The process of caught the baby, the pregnant woman 2 times suffered severe anaphylactic shock, making the operation extremely difficult, the life of the mother and baby fell into danger.

Experts said that it had just had surgery to save the life of a pregnant woman who suffered 2 times of severe anaphylactic shock during the operation.

A 39 weeks pregnant to give birth.

After 2 days of waiting for delivery, pregnant women suddenly burst their amniotic fluid, the whole body has many rashes, chest pain, constantly complains of fatigue and shortness of breath.

Immediately, the hospital activated the red alert process to mobilize emergency department doctors, obstetricians and all nurses to operate on patients.