Russian intelligence on Western veterans in Ukraine

Russian intelligence comments on Western veterans in Ukraine

Russia is gaining an overwhelming advantage in heavy weapons firepower after diverting the operation to the eastern Donbass region.

To serve that strategy, the Russian military changed the way it fought, concentrating artillery fire to suppress each target, instead of spreading its forces across a large battlefield.

Russian forces no longer use powerful tanks and armor to pave the way as before, but set up artillery positions at long distances, constantly shelling targets suspected of having Ukrainian forces defending.

As the artillery changed lanes, Russian infantry and new armored tanks cautiously advanced, firing probing.

If the Ukrainian forces returned fire and exposed their positions, the Russian ground troops would retreat, instructing the artillery to continue firing in order to crush the enemy’s resistance position.

Russian intelligence officials said western veterans were highly combatable, but failed to cope with Moscow’s overwhelming artillery superiority.

“Western veterans who work as mercenaries in Ukraine have the ability to fight. They shoot accurately and constantly using grenades, and know how to maneuver on the battlefield.

Many are good snipers,” local media quoted a Russian intelligence officer involved in the military operation in the northern Ukrainian city of Izyum as saying on July 4.