Russia opposes Germany and Japan as permanent members of the Security Council

The body consists of 15 members, of which Russia, Britain, France, China and the United States are permanent members.

These five countries have the power to veto any resolution, while the non-permanent commissioner has no veto power, but is entitled to debate and vote on the resolutions.

Germany, Japan, India and Brazil, commonly known as the G4, made a proposal in 2005 to expand the Security Council.

However, after much discussion, this proposal has not yet become a reality due to the opposition of some permanent members of the council. China has said U.N. members remain divided on the issue and Beijing will vote against it.

The Russian ambassador supported the admission of India and Brazil as permanent members of the Security Council, but opposed awarding the seat to Japan and Germany.

“Russia calls for the expansion of the UN Security Council based on the principle of consensus.