Rivers of ‘thirsty’ seen from space

The Danube is the longest river in Western Europe and an important waterway that flows through 10 countries.

In Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, workers are dredging rivers to ensure boats can pass through.

Some cruise ships do not cross many bends of the river to reach Hungary.

Trains that still run cannot stop on the regular route due to many stations having to close because of the lower water level on the riverbank.

Vessels weighing an average of 1,600 tons can now only cross a stretch of river in Hungary without carrying cargo, according to the country’s tourism commission.

Severe lack of rain and continuous heat caused many rivers in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to dry up, even exposing the bottom.

The Colorado River is drying up on both banks and shrinking as the historic drought in the American West shows almost no signs of abating.

The river survives thanks to two of the largest reservoirs in the country.

To protect the watershed, the government was forced to cut water use and ask states to come up with a response plan.

One reservoir, Lake Mead, is shrinking as water levels drop near “peaks,” levels at which the reservoir is not high enough to discharge water downstream through the dam.

Lake levels have been trending down since 2000, but plummeted after 2020. The fallout from the Colorado River water crisis is enormous.