Remote support increases stroke emergency efficiency

Expanded network, remote support increases stroke emergency efficiency

Nursing plays an important role in the process of helping stroke patients quickly recover and return to normal life.

Nurses support doctors in caring for patients throughout the treatment process to prevent and prevent complications; plan for patients to be safely discharged from the hospital and prevent complications of secondary neurological strokes, swallowing disorders, digestion, urology …

The nurse also recognizes early signs of complications, and reports to the doctor for timely management.

Expanding the network, supporting telemedicine to increase emergency effectiveness is one of the achievements highlighted at the workshop on improving care for stroke patients.

The workshop was attended by many stroke experts in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia and the UK.

Experts shared and discussed how to build and optimize a stroke treatment system; effective development of stroke networks and remote stroke treatment consultations; while emphasizing the role of nursing and the importance of post-stroke care.

Currently, stroke remains one of the leading causes of death in the world.

According to many statistics, on average every three minutes there is 1 death from a stroke.