In summer, at high temperatures, it is more important than ever to provide enough water to the body.

Experts say that without replenishing a sufficient amount of fluid on hot days, the body is more susceptible to heat stroke, heat stroke, cramps.

Many believe that it is necessary to drink enough 8 cups of water a day.

Even so, experts say the body’s water supply comes from more places than filtered water or mineral water.

“The fact that your urine is dark doesn’t mean your body is short of water.

Drinking enough water simply consumes a sufficient amount of fluid and does not feel thirsty.

The amount of water that’s right for each person is different,” said Dr. Dan Negoianu, a nephrologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

All foods, fruits, drinks with a liquid composition provide water.

The body doesn’t care where that water comes from. It will absorb and process in the same way, explains Dr. Negoianu.

Fruits and vegetables are the ideal source, because they have both a high water content and contain all kinds of fiber, which benefits the diet.