PSG is on a rampage, they scored 7 goals at Lille!

PSG is on a rampage, they scored 7 goals at Lille! Neymar has a record of 5+6 after three rounds

Paris St. Germain defeated Lille 7-1 in the second round of the French league.

Twenty-three-year-old striker Kylian Mbappé scored a hat-trick and equalled the 30-year-old Ligue 1 record with a goal after eight seconds of play.

The France international opened the scoring of the match after Messi’s pass when he lobbed home goalkeeper Jardim.

An equally short time for the opening goal of a match in the French league was enough for the then Caen striker Michel Rio in 1992.

The second goal was added in the 27th minute by the captain of the Argentine team Messi from the edge of the box after a handsome collision with Mendes.

Hakim provided the third goal into the Lille net with a fierce shot from the corner of the little lime and the four-goal first act from the Parisians’ point of view was closed a minute before half-time by Brazilian Neymar with a half-volley shot to the right post.