Parents should not reapply the prescription used from the previous treatment.

Taking the wrong medication can affect the digestive system of the child, adversely affecting liver and kidney function.

If the child has a fever for more than 2 days, parents should take the child to the doctor.

Acute pharyngitis is caused by a variety of causes, most commonly viruses (Rhinovirus, influenza virus or Adenovirus); bacteria (pneumococcal bacteria, streptococcus, Haemophilus influenzae group B).

Children can become infected with acute pharyngitis when they come into contact with someone with respiratory infections.

In addition, habitat factors are the cause of diseases such as sudden hot and cold weather changes, humidity, heavy rain, car smoke, cigarette smoke, coal smoke, dust.

Children who have just gone to kindergarten, kindergarten; malnourished rickets, poor resistance; less dental and throat hygiene; using fans, air conditioning in the wrong way is also susceptible to sore throat.

Parents should limit their children’s intake of ice water; Using fans and air conditioners properly will avoid the risk of acute sore throat in the summer.

In the Paediatrics Department, the number of children visiting respiratory pathologies one day, including acute pharyngitis, increases by about 3 times.

The number of children admitted to the hospital increased 4-5 times.