Premature babies with rare spontaneous bowel perforation

Generation for premature babies with rare spontaneous bowel perforation

The baby was successfully treated thanks to early detection, correct disease, fast and rhythmic coordination with pediatric surgeons, along with the support of modern equipment at the Hospital.

If detected late, digestive juices will cause peritonitis, toxic infections, which can be dangerous to the life of the baby.

“Case in point. premature baby, low weight, respiratory failure requiring non-invasive mechanical ventilation but also perforation of the intestine is a very severe condition, the prognosis of death is nearly 50%.

In the world these cases have a very high mortality rate. After surgery, treating healthy babies, gaining weight, is an achievement of medicine,” Experts said.

Prematurely born boys weighing 1.3 kg of rare spontaneous intestinal perforation, successfully undergoing artificial surgery, after more than 2 months gained 3 kg.

Scientists said this is a rare case of spontaneous bowel perforation in premature, low birth weight babies.

According to reports in the world medical literature, less than 100 cases of spontaneous perforation of the intestine in newborns have been recorded.

The pediatric patient is the child of pregnant woman.

Premature baby at 29 weeks gestation, weighing 1.3 kg, respiratory failure, must be in neonatal resuscitation (NICU) and intravenous feeding at the Neonatal Center.

After 7 days of birth, the doctor found that the baby had an abnormally swollen, purple scrotum.

Ultrasound and X-ray results show that the abdomen of the child has fluid, although the baby’s abdomen is still soft, there is no obvious peritonitis.