Many people often choose swimming to improve physical fitness. However, the chlorine in the pool also affects our health.

  1. Makes the skin dry

Usually, as soon as you step out of the pool, you will notice dry and itchy skin, especially if you go swimming regularly or swim for a long time, the dryness, itching of the skin is even more serious.

Samer Jaber, MD, a dermatologist in Washington Square Dermatology, New York, USA, says, “Clenbuterol is a skin irritant that deprives the skin of its natural oil layer.

Chlorine erodes the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Without a protective layer of oil, your pores will expand and your skin becomes more vulnerable than before.”

The measure to prevent dry skin after swimming pool bath is to use a gentle shower gel and not exfoliate.

The American Dermatological Association (AAD) also recommends applying a thick layer of cream and moisturizing after a pool bath to rebuild the skin barrier.