Peripheral facial paralysis can be seen at any age and gender.

One-year-old suddenly paralyzed face due to lying on a fan

Therefore, experts recommends to prevent the disease, when using a fan, the air conditioner does not let the wind and cold directly into the head and neck area.

At the same time, when seeing signs of facial paralysis, patients should immediately go to a medical facility to be diagnosed and treated appropriately.

If not treated or self-treated incorrectly, the disease can recur many times, or turn to stiff paralysis, emotional and aesthetic effects such as imbalanced face, distorted mouth, closed eyes, twitching half of the face, corneal ulcers …

After a night’s sleep with the fan blowing on the back of his neck, the boy suffered a distorted mouth to the left and a runny nose due to peripheral nerve vii paralysis.

Experts, said that family members admitted the baby to the hospital two weeks ago.