Pekarová: Křeček did not explain his procedure towards Šimůnková in Czech Republic

Pekarová: Křeček did not explain his procedure towards Šimůnková at the petition committee in Czech Republic

The Act on the Ombudsman provides that the Ombudsman may delegate part of his or her duties to his or her deputy.

Hamster said that in an effort to stabilize the functioning of the institution, he would no longer use this option to entrust part of the agendas to the representative.

Šimůnková removed all agendas with effect from 1 July.

Chairman of the Petitions Committee Tomio Okamura (SPD) told CTK that Křeček did not violate the Act on the Public Defender of Rights. He also sees political pressure from TOP 09 behind the issue.

Hamster told CTK that he was ready to answer more questions.

“Today at the Committee on Petitions in the Chamber of Deputies, Ombudsman Křeček was not able to adequately justify his unprecedented step.

Nor did he explain how he tried to prevent this outcome,” Pekarová Adamová noted. According to her, the committee meeting continues on Wednesday with the participation of Šimůnková.

“From my point of view, there were no specific, verifiable criticisms of the work of the representative. We will see how others present evaluate it as well.

Mrs. Šimůnková will come next week for a similar discussion,” Richterová said.

The ombudsman said that at the hour-long meeting of the committee, more questions were asked and apparently not all the answers were heard.

“If the Committee on Petitions is interested in discussing further issues with me, I will be happy to come to the next meeting,” Křeček added.