Adjust your workout plan

It is not recommended to train for too long with the same intensity and duration as on cool days. Flexibility to adjust the course and running time of the day is essential.

Runners should run on roads with a lot of lawns, run along the lake instead of concrete roads so as not to be hit by the heat rising from the road surface, causing the body to be uncomfortable and lose strength.

The ideal time to practice is in the early morning, when the sun has not yet risen, or late in the evening when the sun is turned off.

From 10h to 15h is a time when you should not practice because of the harsh sun, the body is easily dehydrated, exhausted by heat.

However, it is necessary to complete the exercise an hour before going to bed to avoid difficulty falling asleep.

Runners can also consider outdoor workouts with complementary movements indoors on hot days.

Giving an interview to runner’s world, Richard A. Lovett – author of many books on sports science said that if you have familiarized yourself with the hot weather conditions, then 2 days before the race, everyone should rest so that their bodies are not too stressed.