Not playing, Federer still makes the most money

Due to the impact of not being able to attend some Grand Slam tournaments because of not getting vaccinated against COVID-19, the former world No. 1 player’s income is only $ 27.1 million, of which $ 20 million comes from off-court income.

The young star of British tennis Emma Raducanu excellently took 6th place with $ 21.1 million (of which $ 18 million was obtained off the court).

Meanwhile, world No. 1 Daniil Medvedev is estimated to earn only $ 19.3 million. Last in the top 10 was Carlos Alcaraz, with $10.9 million.

However, Carlos Alcaraz is the male player with the highest rate of earning money on the court with 45.8% of income (about $ 5 million).

Forbes magazine has done a study to summarize the earnings of the world’s top tennis players since the 2021 US Open until now.

In particular, the total income of the 10 best players making money is $ 316 million, down slightly from $ 320 million in 2021.

However, the amount they earned off the field amounted to $ 285 million, last year it was $ 281 million.

Despite not playing a single match in 2022, Roger Federer still has the 17th consecutive year as the player who earns the most money.