Currently there are some rumors such as eating pickles that have a risk of stomach cancer and increase blood pressure; fresh bamboo shoots cause kidney stones; instant noodles are not healthy… causing many people to be confused and have a “eat and worry” mentality.

Accordingly, experts said that there are no bad foods, only bad meals because consumers have not properly coordinated foods, processed and eaten in the wrong way can cause adverse health effects.

According to the food subgroup, instant noodles belong to the group of cereals and processed products, the same group as rice, vermicelli, pho cakes, bread …

When using instant noodles, it is recommended to consider instant noodles as only 1 food.

To form a dish or meal that meets the requirements of proper nutrition, it is necessary to combine with other group foods such as the group providing protein (meat, eggs, shrimp …), the group providing vitamins, minerals, fiber (vegetables, fruits …).

In addition, in terms of ensuring food safety and hygiene, diners can rest assured when choosing instant noodles licensed by the competent management agencies, intact in packaging, within the shelf life, cooked and eaten immediately after cooking.

Therefore, instant noodles are food that is distributed in many countries around the globe.

At the seminar series “Food safety and proper nutrition for public health” held recently in the Central and Southwest, some incorrect concepts related to food and nutrition are the causes of heat, fat “abstinence”, the concept of additives used in food…

A food that is not the cause of heat

Experts emphasized that “causing heat” can come from many different factors such as unbalanced diet, smoking, alcohol abuse or due to unwanted effects of some drugs, or due to some diseases…

Typically in the case of instant noodles, experts affirmed that instant noodles are not the “culprits” causing heat. Instant noodles are just a food that provides mainly carbohydrates similar to rice, vermicelli, pho cakes …

The “heat” is caused by the lack of diversity in the meal, lack or excess of certain nutrients and imbalance between nutrients.

Therefore, using instant noodles also needs to be done properly to ensure balance between 4 groups of nutrients.

Thus, heat in people comes from a lot of different causes. We should be consulted and checked to have the most effective solution.

Experts also added that in order to have a healthy life in general, avoiding the “hot in” problem in particular, it is a diverse diet, balanced nutrition, meeting the needs of each person, in addition to combining reasonable physical activity and avoiding stress.