NATO will strengthen the rapid reaction force to 300,000 troops

NATO will strengthen the rapid reaction force to 300,000 troops, Stoltenberg said

NATO’s new Strategic Concept should explicitly mention the protection of member countries’ “sovereignty and territorial integrity” as a core mission of the alliance.

According to Stoltenberg, the alliance leaders will also agree on a package of long-term assistance to Kiev at the summit.

Jens Stoltenberg is a Norwegian politician who has served since 2014 as the thirteenth Secretary General of NATO.

It is intended to contribute to the modernization of the Ukrainian armed forces, which could get rid of outdated Soviet-era equipment.

In this way, NATO wants to strengthen the protection of its eastern flank in the long term, where fears of possible further aggression by Moscow have grown after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During the spring, the defense organization decided to establish four battle groups located in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.


Now, as part of longer-term plans, he wants to create units that will be directly designated for deployment in a specific region, where they will regularly go for exercises.

“These units will be training along with the home defense troops. And they get used to the local terrain, the equipment and our new, pre-placed supplies (of equipment),” Stoltenberg said today.