Mystery unsolved – The Mountain of Death

To this day, The Mountain of Death hides its secret. It is still not clear why people were lost here, but the impenetrable labyrinth ending in abysses is certainly to blame.

It is possible that Kalcajagga hides tombs and treasures, but it is equally possible that it is just a solid and untouched rock, as geologists claim.

The mountain is apparently completely or partially hollow, which would also correspond to the claim of the natives that on the one hand smoke is brought in and on the other it comes out of it.

But all the disappeared people certainly did not become victims of mysterious monsters, but rather of difficult orientation, complex terrain and impenetrable labyrinth inside the mountain.

Solving the mystery would require months of research.

The mysterious basalt mountain that rises from the eucalyptus forests is shrouded not only in unfortunate stories, but also in a mysterious energy, because of which it is avoided not only by natives, but also by birds and other animals.