More people evacuated in Australia Flood disaster

Flood disaster in Australia: Cars parked on roofs, 50,000 people evacuated

The federal government late on Wednesday declared the current flooding a natural disaster, helping affected residents receive emergency assistance.

About 50,000 residents of New South Wales have been ordered to evacuate or prepare for evacuation orders after heavy rain caused flooding in parts of the country.

Torrential rain continued to fall on Australia’s east coast on July 5, exacerbating flooding in Sydney, New South Wales.

The number of people evacuated or preparing to evacuate in New South Wals rose from 30,000 on July 3.

“This situation is far from over, please don’t be subjective. Wherever you are, be careful when driving on the road. There is still a significant risk of flash flooding,” New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet told reporters.

The current storm is causing heavy rain in many parts of Australia. After just three days of storms, some areas even recorded more rainfall than the annual average.