Man City made $175 million by winning the Premier League

This is the first time the last team in the Premier League has earned more than £ 100 million, showing the increasing value of the tournament.

The prize money-sharing mechanism also allows Premier League teams, after relegation, to have the potential to return to the league as was the case with Bournemouth or Fulham.

The Etihad stadium team benefited the most from the Premier League championship in the 2021-2022 season, but only $ 1.5 million more than runners-up Liverpool due to the tournament’s prize-sharing opportunity.

The 20 clubs participating in the Premier League 2021-2022 are divided into a sum of $ 2.9 billion from domestic and foreign TV rights.

The two divisions by entry and non-UK commercial revenue are divided equally, each team about $87.5 million.

Bonus differences between teams come from the location on the scoreboard and the cost of producing live matches, which vary because the number of games that are live on each team’s television varies.

Accordingly, the winner of Man City pocketed $ 175 million, including $ 47 million thanks to the first place and $ 28 million in the cost of 28 matches directly.

City are not the team with the most live games, but Liverpool and Arsenal with 29 games each. These two clubs pocketed $ 29 million.

Liverpool earned an additional $44.5 million in prize money for the runner-up spot. Therefore, the amount they receive is only about $ 1.5 million less than Man City.

Third place but due to only 24 live streams, Chelsea received less money than fourth team Tottenham (27 games) and fifth team Arsenal.

The reason for this may be the controversy involving Chelsea’s former owner Roman Abramovich , who was punished for indirectly affecting the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Similarly, Everton (16th) and Leeds (17th) also have high earnings due to 22 live games. Man Utd, West Ham, Newcastle and Aston Villa have also played at least 20 games.

The remaining teams are all below this figure so earnings are affected.

Notably, it finished bottom of the table and was relegated, but Norwich still pocketed $ 115 million, equivalent to £ 100.5 million.