LIV Golf denies Tiger Woods $700 million cash offer

Norman has been professional since 1976, with two Major The Open wins in 20 PGA Tour titles and 12 European Tour cups (now dp World Tour) from 1977 to 1997.

During that period, he accumulated 331 weeks as world number one, trailing only Woods with 683.

According to Greg Norman, founder and CEO of LIV Golf Investments, the hard income offer of at least $700 million for Tiger Woods is not in the form of package prepaid cash.

On Fox News on Aug. 2, Norman said Woods turned it down when LIV Golf Investments offered between $700 million and $800 million. The offer was moved to the former world number one golfer before Norman became CEO in October 2021.

On Aug. 22, Norman explained : “I want to make it clear that that number includes the value from the trade, when Tiger returns to the new arena. It’s not cash value. We never offered that.”

According to this legendary golfer and CEO, LIV Golf has a principle of not disclosing or commenting on the company’s offer of golfers’ salaries. But Tiger Woods is the exception.

“We broke the rules this time, because the media kept picking up important information or numbers and reporting it incorrectly,” Norman added.